At BSides Exeter, we believe in the power of community. Our mission is to foster a network of professionals and aspiring individuals looking to break into the security industry. We recognize that the South West may not be as well-known for cybersecurity, but through this event, we’ve discovered a treasure trove of talent and passion.

Why Join the Community?

  • Forge Lasting Connections: Network with seasoned professionals, fresh talent, and enthusiasts who share a common interest in security.
  • Share Knowledge: Exchange insights, best practices, and innovative ideas with peers who are equally passionate about cybersecurity.
  • Empower the Next Generation: If you’re looking to kickstart your career in security, this community is the perfect platform to learn from experienced professionals and gain invaluable insights.

Connecting Professionals and Enthusiasts

Our goal is to create a thriving community that transcends geographical boundaries. By participating in BSides Exeter, you’re joining a collective of like-minded individuals who are eager to learn, share, and grow together. 

The Power of Local Networks

While Exeter may not be synonymous with cybersecurity, we’ve discovered an incredible pool of talent right here in our community. By joining forces, we aim to put Exeter on the map as a hub for security enthusiasts.

Join the Conversation on Discord!

Our event’s official Discord server is where the magic happens. It’s where discussions happen, knowledge is shared, and friendships are forged.

Ready to be a part of something bigger?

Help Us Build the Local Network


We believe that the strength of our community lies in its members. As we continue to grow, your input and involvement are invaluable. Share your ideas, contribute your expertise, and help us shape Exeter’s security landscape.

Together, let’s make a mark in the world of cybersecurity!

Note: All are welcome to join our community, regardless of experience level or background. Let’s learn and grow together!

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